I’m always interested in ways to cool or heat the house without the need for resources that cost money. This is a ‘cool’ idea to decrease the temp of your house. Its basic but my dad used to do it in ours. Check it out. The idea is that you suck cold air from your basement upstairs. Easy to do if you have a forced air furnace in your basement. Just take the back panel off where the filter is and run the blower. Done.

Until such time that geothermal systems become less expensive (or I get a significant windfall of cash) I would like to share my tips on an alternative way to harvest geothermal energy to “partially” cool your home during those sweltering summer days.

Another idea I had for a similar sort of thing for summer use is to get an old cast iron radiator, and run your cold water through it and place a fan behind it. When you use your cold water, it cools the rad, the fan blows cool air into your house. Only works when you’re using cold water but that is pretty much all day if you have a family. Flushing toilets, laundry, dishwasher, baths… Lots of things that are using water that would cause this system to work.

This method doesn’t work in the winter so much as you don’t want extra cold air or something cooling the air, however if you just don’t blow the fan, and then hook this unit up to the intake of your hotwater heater, it would likely act as a bit of a preheater for your water so you burn less oil or electricity heating said water.. Now what you would gain in that is likely balanced by extra heat needed by your house heating system… but.. I didn’t say it was a silver bullet 😛 Its not been hot enough in our old house to try this…

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