My used and abused macbook

Some people have the latest and greatest MacBooks. Aluminum shell, an Air, retina display, solid state drive etc. Me? I have an Intel core duo from … 2010? Old enough NOT to be able to upgrade it to Lion :/

My poor macbook has went through troubles and tribulations

  • I’m on my 3rd battery. The last two have been chinese knockoffs for about a third of the price of an Apple battery and last about a third of the time too. Not too much use in buying third party batteries other than the low buy in price each year or so when the knockoffs die…
  • On my 3rd (atleast) hard drive. Started with a 160 gig stock drive. It died. Upgraded to a 500gig 7200 RPM drive. It died. I’m on at least the 3rd or 4th 500 gig drive now. Each drive lasting about a year.
  • I’ve reinstalled from scratch on each of those drive changes of course and thankfully was able to fully restore from time machine or other backups I’ve had. Again, thankfully my backups were solid when it came time to them being needed!
  • The macbook is well traveled, its been down to Texas, up north to Fort Smith, to the center of the universe (Ontario, the place to live, the place to grow), and now resides in PEI.
  • Its on its second power cord after the first shorted out after a house plant barfed water all over it and melted the magsafe contacts
  • Its survived a drop or two along the way and has no lack of scratches on its plastic casing
  • Its seen 3 OSX upgrades. Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard

Truly, in the technology world, this thing is a legend. If tech years were equated to human age, this thing would be 100 years old. I’d take a picture of it but I’m writing this blog on it now. Its hull is cracked, its screen scratched a tiny bit. Still plugging away though.

Next time I should blog about LIndseys computer which is much older, more beat up, more chassis and drive, and OS changes and has had more damage done to it than the macbook… Oh.. the stories it could tell. In human years, its 200. And not just from straight age but its age is multiplied by sheer abuse, banging, smashing, screens replaced, coffees spilled on its keyboard etc.

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