Its cooled down quite a lot today, 15 degrees I think even outside! Its definitely that time of year as september creeps up. Soon the tourists will be gone and we'll have our little Isle all to ourselves again. Seriously, it will be nice once the traffic dies down and the motorcycles stop roaring past our house 😛

As with every season change, well most, its a great time to pause and reflect on the season passed. Probably this is done more so at the end of summer than at the end of winter for example where we can't wait for the warmer weather to come along.

One thing I think of is how seemingly short summer is. I've grown up to think summer is two months of the year, July and August. Why? Well, thats what we're used to when it comes to school. School breaks for those two months and that means party time, play all day, family vacations, late nights, late mornings, building tree forts and BMXing.

At this juncture, I look forward to blowing snow with my new blower attachment for my Bolens tractor (1050 fyi) and I look forward to a winter owning our riverfront property where I can make a path to the river and maybe do some skating on it! I look forward to the prophetic events on the horizon, those just around the corner as they say, waiting and watching, looking for that blessed hope, the soon return of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. World events sure are fascinating since we know (those who read their bibles anyways) the end result and the signs of the times. I also look forward to my various projects such as my coffee roasting venture as I lay that out, and build it slowly. I also look forward to Christmas with Arden who will now fully recognize what Christmas is and also enjoy fully the presents that go along with it according to our tradition. The excitement I once had opening presents – and still do to an extent – will be seen on Ardens face as she opens her own presents.

Cooler weather also means heating season and I have 9 cords of lumber out there I need to get moving on :S Thankfully I have many willing friends to come wield the chainsaw for me. Love having friends who are willing to help out and I definitely try to return the favour when needed.

Apple season is nearly here as well, the apples on Ardens tree are almost full size I think and a nice size too. Our older trees have smaller apples, likely due to the lack of proper pruning but there are still plenty of good tasting apples on them ready for quite a few apple pies! (and maybe we'll try some canning this year)

So the more I think of it, there are so many exciting things to come as summer changes into fall.

OH, I forgot to mention the release of WiiU! pumped for that 🙂

I thank the Lord for my wonderful family and a truly blessed life we live here on the Island and in Canada!

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