The 12th Imam – Visited?

This is Joel Rosenburg, he wrote a fictional book on the end times. He admits its fictional, that was its intent, however, its a scenario that is actually pretty close to reality. I haven’t actually read it, just what its about, I know all about the 12th Imam (google it, tons of stuff). ¬†Anyways, this video is just an interview with him about his book and he ends up explaining prophetically where we are, where Iran is, what they believe and such. Their 12th imam is basically the same idea as the return of Jesus, its their saviour which will bring about a caliphate (, a world rule of Islam basically. Joel speaks a lot of truth here about their religion, and how Christians differ.

Great stuff, no idea if the book is worth reading. The more important thing is knowing about what Islam teaches and what Irans muslims believe about the end of the world and how it will come about. Fascinating study, not biblical necessarily, however if you match it up, the 12imam looks more like the bibles anti-christ. Anyways, go research it for yourself, don’t take my word or Joels word, check this stuff how and see how the bible and the koran match up.

[youtube TP9Uqx4EpwY]

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