Power outages are so fun. Our power was out yesterday for about an hour


I had to postpone the last hour of work is nice I had run out of ups power after probably 40 minutes of use which is not too shabby all things considered for a consumer grade ups..

I find it fascinating when the power goes out. For one thing, you realize there are so many things that require electricity, like everything these days. Even the toilet requires electricity to refill the tank with so you have one flush and thats all if the power is out. And then if you go looking for food when its out, you realize the fridge isn't operating, and the toaster doesn't work. All these things of course you know informationally require electricity but it dawns on you when you go looking to use something that oh yes, it really DOES need electricity and then you realize that you can't do much in terms of modern things to do.

When my UPS finally died, it meant I also had no internet! Our phone still worked simply because I have an 'old fashioned' phone that doesn't require electricity. Well, techinically it does, but it gets the power it needs from the phone lines which carry their own small amount of power.

There are just so many things we are oblivious to, stuff we take for granted, we expect certain things to just always work and then when they don't, we're almost surprised even when we shouldn't be.

Power outages I find also get people outside. Whether because they are talking to their neighbours about the outage, or because thats where the light it (if during the day) or because the TV won't turn on so you might as well go outside and do something 😛

I think it would be interesting to have a national power shutdown day every year just so people understand what it is we rely on. Wouldn't that be a crazy event right?! All this though makes me think of alternatives, how would I get water if we didn't have electricity, how would we bake bread, how would we do this or that without power. Certainly makes you appreciate the almost flawless power we DO get year round.


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