The Clumping Litter Saga

We were away for 3 days at a beach house on the north shore with Lindseys family.  Being that we would be away for more than 24 hours and knowing that my ‘smart scoop’ litter box would likely get jammed, I setup another box JUST in case to hopefully take the smart scoops place should it get jammed while we’re gone.

Well,.. when we got home, sure enough the smart scoop was jammed but thankfully only ONE spot that I found where scratchy peed outside the litter box, the rest was in the regular old pan litter box, who woulda thunk it? Seems even though it had lots of ‘stuff’ in it, she was happy enough with its depth of litter that all was covered and she could go in it multiple times without the need to find a clean corner of our basement!

So after all the turtle wax, expensive auto scooping boxes and retrofits, the plain old uncovered, non automatic litter box did the trick :S

I have to clean it every day but I was doing that anyways with the automatic one 🙁

So next time you need a better cat solution, unless they have a never fail auto scooping box (which I haven’t found yet), just go back to the plain old box and make sure its cleaned every day 😐

(hopefully the end of my litter box blogs)

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