If you follow bible prophecy you know there is a great war coming, see Ezekiel 38. The lead up here though is that all world opinion will turn against Israel. This will end up with all the countries of the world fighting against Israel, the excuse will likely be its oil wealth or something like that but the true reason will be because they hate Gods people. Even now most people don't see that, ie the trend of world opinion away from Israel. They would tell you that if there was any trend that way, Israel deserves it for taking the palestinians land or something (Palestine is not a country fyi, the word Palestinian came from 'Philistine' which is a people group in the bible that were against Israel and lived in the general vicinity). So the Palenstinians are actually just a group of arabs from various countries and have no actual historical right or claim to the land. The land is clearly designated in the bible as Israels.

Now the conspiracy there is that people would suggest the bible isn't historical fact or true even though its basically the most proven book ever. Even 'known' history like napoleon and columbus and such is less proveable than the bible yet historians have no questions on those. The fact is that most historians themselves don't deny the historial accuracy of the bible itself, its just that the rest of the world ignores it.

So, Israel is back in the land, there are foreign peoples occupying Israels land, the land promised to Israel by God Himself, all nations are placing blame more and more on Israel and world opinion, the politically correct opinion is that Israel is the problem and not the terrorist actions of the so called Palestinians.

Antisemitism in general is on the rise basically everywhere blaming Jews themselves for all the money issues, in fact all the issues that face the world which is just totally bizarre. Its bizarre that so many people are so against a particular people group and they don't realize that is racism, at minimum hatred for no reason.

This is totally a rant and I haven't foot noted anything but you can google this stuff with ease. Ie, the rise of antisemitism (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/21/anti-semitism-rise-europe_n_1371313.html)

Ok, so here are some links after all..

Where the name Palestine came from: http://www.palestinefacts.org/pf_early_palestine_name_origin.php

The great Ezekiel war: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_Ezekiel_38–39

Historicity of the bible: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bible_and_history The historical accuracy is a HUGE subject and the bible is so far ranging in its subjects, stories, history, etc that you can't get an agreement from all on it. And this wikipedia link is totally secular in its worldview on the bible as to be expected. Regardless, there are lots of Christian scholars online as well with great info.

The world is hurdling toward the end of times and the amazing part is that most have no idea whats going on which is just bizarre. So many are blinded, oblivious from what the roots of world events are and out of touch with the prophecies of the bible which continue to come true and have been correct 100% of the time to date. No, we would rather put non christian prophecy people on talk shows who have less than 50% accuracy in their predictions 😛 So thats basically as good or was than straight up flipping a coin.


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