Staycation to start in a couple days

The beach house for LIndseys family is now full of folk. Quite the property, interesting, eclectic to be sure. One thing you notice is that the ocean is quickly eroding the land around it. I'll have to read up on its history.

For me, I have to work the next couple of days, Monday, Tuesday. Then maybe I'll enjoy an almost real vacation. I haven't had a real vacation in a long time, not a whole week off. Usually I work a few days during the week to allow the whole family to have a longer vacation when we're on Ontario for example. THis time I have about 7 days straight of holiday over the weekend though. I won't get a lot of work done, but then,.. maybe vacation isn't about getting work done right? 😛 (house work i mean)

I did put a brand new Niagara flapperless in downstairs, they've rebranded though, its some combination of 'conservation' or 'ecologic' or something. I guess people didn't understand the product when it was called 'Flapperless'

So thats my major work for the week. For every 1 flush of a 'regular' toilet, we can flush this new one 3 times and it uses the same amount of water in 3 flushes. So a LOT more efficient. This should save electricity, water consumption, limit sweating (which is a by product of the design of the toilet) and generally take it easier on our septic with all the people here.

Ok, church time and kids are screaming.



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