OSX Mountain Lion Review


Here is my review of mountain lion, … its lousy :S Apparently my intel duo core macbook is TOO old for mountain lion :/ And with that my macbook is officially outdated. No more OS upgrades for it. Really sad. For a macbook only a couple years old I shouldn't be needing to purchase a brand new laptop just to get an OS which basically has some enhancements on it over the current OS (OSX Lion – thats right, they just added 'mountain' to the name).

I have 3 gigs of ram in my macbook, 500gig aftermarket 7200 RPM drive and a core 2 duo, there is nothing special in mountain lion that I know of that would cause it not to run.

There are upsides to a company like Apple with their proprietary hardware, like fewer crashes, more fluid software upgrades and a more unified familiar feel and environment in terms of performance. The bad side is that they can arbitrarily cut old hardware out of upgrades which in theory is to simply drive revenue, ie, I need to go out and buy a new macbook. THey probably have 'good' reasons, they want to ensure the same experience for all who get it and don't want people installing it on really old slow machines… sure, I get that I guess. Still, in the PC world, you could just about run a 286 with Windows 8, just slowly. Ok, not really, but defintely longer lifespan. The OS and features are a lot slower when you push the limits of the recommended specs but at least you can do it!

My dilemma now, with the macbook battery (second one) all but fried (making it not much of a laptop anymore as it needs to be plugged in all the time), is what to get next. Am I locked into the Apple ecosystem now, too deep to switch to something else? I think the only thing i'm hooked on is iLIfe. More specifically my iPhoto collection. I could switch to Picasa or something but the iPhoto interface has served very well to organize and store our photos and time machine has for the most part served well in backing those same photos up so to change isn't something I'd want to do.

No, for me, next will likely be an iMac. Something I can put a large harddrive in and will serve more as a family computer than the laptop currently does. If that would work, not sure. Windows 8 does look interesting though and the flexibility in hardware is attractive, ie, not having to purchase a whole new machine with a PC, instead I could upgrade the video card or RAM to comply with the latest windows 9 recommended specs or something.

All said and done, I really don't have any issues with Lion as it is, but I do hate to feel left out, knowing I won't be getting any more OS upgrades on it :S




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