Since I’m so FULL of ideas and have zero time to make good on a lot of them, I figured, hey, why not come up with another idea right?!

Now I forgot if I blogged about this before, I didn’t see it in my list of recent posts… Here is my latest coffee bean selling idea. So I have the green and roasted beans for sale on and kijiji PEI, but I wanted a local storefront. A more brick and mortar location since that is often more convenient for locals, and especially for visitors to purchase beans.

My idea is to put up a coffee bean stand on our front lawn, akin to a lemonade stand but a little more grown up. I want to get a tall dresser (if I can find one) and convert it into a fold out product selling stand.

I figure I’ll put hinges on the top of the dresser so it props up, and on the first and second drawers put hinges on the face board or them so they pull out AND rotate down to make nice shelves for product. All this allows me to close it up as well for inclement weather.

This would be an honour system stand, just like the ones for honey for example. I’d leave limited supply out on the shelves and provide a lock box where people put in their cash and take a bag, all on the honour system. I totally think this could work really well!

This would be a perfect pictorial ‘how to’ blog as well once I actually get around to doing it… Not sure I’ll get it ready for this year but hoping for next year I can get it in place.

What do you think of the idea? Think it will work?

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