Owning a golf course?

Wouldn’t it be cool to own a golf course? Your own personal course where there were no green fees? This from a guy that thinks golf is super boring 😛  I was thinking as I was looking at the large expanse of extra lawn by the riverside that it would be cool to get a golf hole / flag or two and plant them at either end of the strip of land to make a 2 hole course.

Now, not being a golfer, I didn’t have my own clubs, luckily the extra land came with 2 sheds and an old bag of clubs. A 9 iron, putter and a driver of some sort. The property is too small for a driver but an iron and putter would do the job!

So, on the long list of things I want to do on the property is this new idea, a 2 hole golf course. I’m going to advertise it as PEIs smallest golf course 😛  I wouldn’t actually try to make any money, that would be silly, it would be just a fun thing to have though when friends come over.


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