A quarter of the summer past

Being that summer growing up was the 2 months you were out of school, i.e. July, and August, to me it still feels like that is the ‘real’ summer. I always fret over how much of the summer is gone, wishing that it would last forever. I have tons of good memories of long summers gone by. Just like Kid Rocks rendition of Sweet Home Alabama, ‘ sometimes I wish those days would never end’.

Now being an ‘adult’ I don’t get 2 months off and the year basically goes by so fast. I think everyone should get 2 months off in the summer. Granted… then I wouldn’t be able to go to the corner store and buy milk or go to home depot and buy lumber to fix the deck so that wouldn’t really work. Nonetheless, I wish I had more time off, who doesn’t right? I find when I work all months of the year, thats when time flies. I found during the summer months as a kid, they lasted forever, probably because we were bored a lot or something but it seemed to really stretch out the year and add to the memories. As an adult, time just sweeps by. I could become a teacher and get those 2 months off, that would be amazing but then there is a lot of extra work teachers do as well like extra curricular activities that I would have to make time for.

One thing I look forward to in heaven is enduring summers, infinite ones. WHy do I figure it will be summer in heaven and not winter or some other kinda season? In the beginning GOD. And in the beginning God made the earth and it was perpetually tropical weather (before the flood – if you didn’t know this, you should go check it out, its a whole other blog though). When God recreates the earth which will exist as heaven for eternity, i think He will put it back to the same way it was at that time, so I think we will be in a tropical paradise for eternity which will be amazing. A never ending summer it will be while we experience nature as it was intended to be, maybe we’ll even be able to fly. We will have an eternity of clear memories as well (we watched ‘The Vow’ last night which is about losing all your memory and basically rebuilding it, the idea plays in here).

We will have forever to reconnect with past family members, friends, biblical characters like Moses, Elijah and of course we will have an eternity to talk to and get to know Jesus face to face. The more I think of it, it will be the very best of this world plus 10,000 times more, stuff I can’t even fathom.

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