Solar Walk iPad App Review

The apps on iPad are amazing, some of them anyways and hold incredible value for price! One example I just came across is ‘Solar Walk.


This app was $0.99 when I got it (yesterday). Was 70% off. Its a very well done app, you can zoom around the solar system, click on planets, read about them, find out about the history of their name, the atmospheres, what they are made of etc.

It also has educational videos on how the earth rotates around the sun for example and why we have seasons, and how the tide works… you have to see it to believe it, incredible learning tool!

On top of that, they have a 3D mode where you can wear the old blue / red glasses and see the planets in 3D, how cool is that? These are the kind of technology that should be brought into the school to provide interactive learning, not even interactive, just show this stuff up on a screen and talk about it and use it as a visual learning tool! You can airplay this to a big screen for example so all the kids don’t need iPads or something.

This really is the future of books and education, no more drawing orbits on the black board or physical models of stuff, you can zoom around on a touch screen! Highly recommend this one


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