That ‘Coffee’ Taste

I’ve been roasting my own beens now for 7 months now. If learned the different roast levels, how to gauge when they each are complete and how that affects taste (namely acidity / bitterness). I wanted to find that ONE bean that had it all, and that everyone loved. Turns out, everyone expects and likes completely different coffee flavours and roast levels.  It seems more people like the more bitter coffees than I realized. Maybe thats because they are more accustomed to espressos.

My favourite bean so far of the several varieties I’ve tried is the humble Columbian Supremo. It must be because I’m looking for that ‘coffee’ taste that I’m used to from brands like Nabob and Folgers. See all the standard ground coffees are based generally from the columbian beans, they are the most prevalent beans. My taste for coffee was taught on those so thats the taste I gravitate towards – thats my thought anyways. I found a perfect taste with the Supremo, nutty, full bodied, a coffee you can taste in the back of your mouth, just a full experience is how i describe it. Most coffees, like the Costa Rican Tarrazu that I’m drinking now lack the finish that I found I was able to get out of the Supremo.

Problem is, the Supremo is not really a sought after been to sell. Since it is the more common bean, people tend to want the exotic beans, non south american beans basically. So, my favourite bean is the one least probable to sell 🙁 Oh well.

The moral of the story though is that everyone has a different taste they consider good and thats OK!

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