How to mow you lawn efficiently

So I was sitting writing another blogsand my mind wandered a bit… I was thinking about mowing my lawn and how to do it more efficiently. The problem with mowing lawns especially when using a riding lawntractor, is that if you mow in circles ( rather mowing the outer edges of your lawn and continue mowing inward), the circle eventually gets too small to continue. The image and this link is how a zamboni driver would do it once so as to not need to turn super sharply:

Maybe this was obvious to everyone and it should have been to me but as of today it’s a fresh new idea that I think will generally make mowing my lawn more efficient, if not in gas, then in reducing the wasted circle abouts you have to do when the corner is too sharp. There is wasted lengths in this method as well but the key is it allows you more efficient continued forward movement with the tractor.

This is just one of those ‘that makes sense’ sort of things that pop into my mind every now and then.



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