Firewood cuttin season

Its upon us, the season to cut firewood for the coming year. I feel so granola (I don't even know if thats the correct use for the term).. Maybe I feel like a lumber jack. Its kinda like an old tradition but with modern tools. Its the original 'green' option, renewable, earth friendly, sustainable. David Suzuki would be proud and likely couldn't do much better than that, not on our budget anyways!

When we got this house, it needed furnaces, no questions, it needed them. So we looked for the options. Just oil was not an option. Too expensive. Just wood was not a convenient option, what if we wanted to go on vacation, or not even that, left the house for more than a few hours? Could do propane, do they do propane furnaces? Too expensive just like oil. Could go electric but retrofitting our house for baseboards whether electric or hot water would be too expensive and would make our house even more like swiss cheese with all the holes through all the floors – bad idea, why would anyone retrofit with hot water base boards?? :S

Then I looked at geothermal, I looked long and hard at it, called companies, got quotes etc. In the end, geothermal wasn't worth the money. It requires an electric pump, that means electricity to run, and if the power goes out, you have no source of heat for your house. Similar to oil really from that standpoint. So the interest in moving away from the grid rather than closer to it or relying on it more won out here.

Wood itself actually covers every base, its cheaper, greener, very efficient, its a dry heat great for the maritimes, its a bit more work for sure but that means more exercise for me which is what I need to balance out my desk job.

So full circle, its firewood cuttin season and I'm ready for some good exercise. Next step, go get a fresh chain. I get the the added fun of owning a chainsaw and I get to have lots of fun hauling wood around with my tractor! What could be more satisfying and fun than that right?


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