OTA HD Update

I just got my hands on an old beat up VHF antenna which I promptly jimmied up to the TV. No pics currently, sufficed to say its a hack of a hack and no new channels yet for the effort. Had a hard time finding a UHF / VHF transformer too, you’d think with OTA HD being the ‘new’ thing, stores would have the components to receive such signals (what was old is new again with all the VHF antenna technology). But nope, future shop nor Canadian Tire carried such components anymore. They all sell HDMI cables and HD antennas (repackaged rabbit ears from the 70s).

Currently we get CBC (720p) and CTV (1080i). I was hoping to get the global station which by the looks of some of the OTA mapping websites is geographically closer to us then CBC or CTV

Here is a great resource to see if your area has HD channels accessible:


I plan to further tweak the antenna, raising it further with a section or two of tower that I have and possibly checking out an amp for it. (I need to go surfing usedpei.com for good free stuff)

Love getting free HD though I don’t get much out of the HD part of it with our 22 inch tube. Such is life when we have other priorities. Maybe next year to go along with my HD WiiU right?!

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