Heres what I liked about WiiU and what I didn’t, because I’m an expert :P

E3 has come and gone (well not technically, but Nintendo keynote is over) and I have some thoughts, likes, dislikes about Nintendos presentation.

Let me first say that I don’t think Nintendo has a knack for showmanship.. Not sure they know how to WOW a crowd, not like an Apple for example or a company that has fireworks at their unveilings.

Some good things that came out of the presentation:

  • Pikmin 3 in HD – super nice, can’t wait to play it!
  • confirmation of dual gamepads (touch screen device that is the ‘big’ attraction of the WiiU). This is both good and bad, good at least that they will allow it technically.
  • NintendoLand – cool idea, who doesn’t want to roam around an amusement park in a video game right?! But if its just a collection of tech demos, might not last long. Right now it just looks like polished tech demos :/
  • Nintendo is working on allowing the transfer of Wiiware and VC games to WiiU – thank you Nintendo! I have spent a ton of money on those and to have to get them all over again would be brutal
  • Nintendo Network, finally a full fledged online network. It remains to be seen if it really is well done but we will find out soon enough

Some bad things:

  • dual gamepads mean FPS rates are cut in half. If WiiU can push 60FPS, if you try to run the same game on two gamepads, FPS will be 30 FPS per gamepad… Ok, not the end of the world, just SO 2006 for frame rates
  • most of the ‘hardcore’ games were ports. Sure ZombiU wasn’t but the graphics there really don’t impress, they just look like 360 or ps3 graphics. Surely with hardware 5 years more advanced, you can make a game shine brighter than on those older spec’d units?
  • they shows to showcase things like Nintendoland and pikmin which don’t really showcase the graphics abilities of the unit?? With the realization that their paying (recurring) customers are mostly hardcore, you’d think they would lead with the best graphics the system can push. Hardcores are not all complaining since we do enjoy new Mario games but still… Miis and Miiverse don’t push the system at all, all of that could have been done on wii (and should have?! They should have updated the Wii channels literally years ago with some of these updates). Miiverse and Nintendoland are pretty much Wii version 2.0 basically, not so much WiiU which is billed as a next gen console :S
  • they didn’t show a game with two gamepads. Wouldn’t it have been super cool to see an First person with two players going head to head using the gamepads as maps or something or weapon selection units or in some other cool way..
  • The japanese translation overtop the japanese voice is ok,.. but hard to listen and hard to sit back and enjoy. Maybe turn down Miyamotos mic or something, am I the only one that finds it hard to concentrate and listen?
  • generally I think they need help with their marketing and presentation.
  • Nothing really unknown came out of the presentation. Why have a big e3 keynote and not save some surprises. Maybe the purpose was just about the games but they took a lot of time to explain game play mechanics when all the audience wanted to know was more about the hardware, and the super duper incredible graphics that Nintendos next gen unit could do (as promised to the hardcore audience by Iwata days earlier)

What would I have liked to see?

  • I wanted the super incredible surprise to be a 3d headset or option… its been years since we were promised 3d as the next big thing. Maybe I don’t understand the limitations but passive 3d works, and they can drive that from the console, don’t need a special tv for that so whats the hold up?? I’m at a loss for words, why doesn’t any company think 3d would work? Sure 3DS is out, one assumes Nintendo will stick with 3D there, but not on the crown jewel of the company, the console?
  • Luigis mansion, that would have been incredible in HD, there was a rumour of it but it ended up going on 3DS. Too bad 🙁
  • Would like to see a game that had amazing graphics better than can be found on existing gen. No show on that one
  • Would have liked to have seen a multi touch screen.  I think Nintendo should have exceeded the hardware required rather than trying to be frugal. The touchscreen should have been advanced enough to at least pretend to compete with other tablet devices out there. Should have had multi touch screen, high PPI count, SD card plugin, some option to take it on its own and surf the internet, maybe a 3g option, an OS of some sort that can handle apps of all kinds. DOesn’t have to be fully up to par with android or apple tablets but something they could pretend competed in that space would be amazing. Sadly, looks like there was no thought to that or even attempt to do that.

And there are more wishes. I really wanted to be amazed and astounded, awed by the graphical prowess (at least before 720 and ps4 come out) of the next gen WiiU. Alas, I was not, nothing new in the presentation. Don’t get me wrong, I still want one, I still think its super cool and I love the bread and butter Nintendo games but I was hoping Nintendo would compete with MS and Sony with this one. I enjoy the hardware race!

Heres hoping it will turn out to be much more than tech demos and REALLY win back the hardcore crowd!

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