Why WiiU will resonate with hardcores

As most know, I like video games. I’m probably holding on to my childhood or something but i do enjoy the anticipation of a new console or a new game with amazing visuals or effects, or simply incredible gameplay. I never had consoles when I was a kid, maybe thats why I buy them now?? I got my first console in college (as soon as I was out of the house basically and as soon as a bank would give me a credit card 😉  ..) I got the N64 in Sault St Marie, Ontario. Then I stood in line on launch day for the Gamecube in Lindsay, Ontario. Next I slept overnight in the parking lot in Georgetown (again, Ontario) to effectively win the first of only 3 Wiis’ on launch day to be in the Zellers there.

There is a picture of us here sleeping at the sellers, click to see that blog

The next console from Nintendo (promising to meet the demand for hardcore gamers) is the WiiU. Nintendo admittedly fell short in selling to the hardcore crowd.

[box type=”info”] Hardcore gamers prefer to take significant time and practice on games, and tend to play more involved games that require larger amounts of time to complete or master. Hardcore gamers may take part in video game culture.[further explanation needed] Competition is another defining characteristic of hardcore gamers, who often compete in organized tournaments, leagues, or ranked play integrated into the game proper, an example of this is Major League Gaming, an Electronic sports organization that often holds events for hardcore First-person shooter games such as Quake. There are many subtypes of hardcore gamers based on the style of game, gameplay preference, hardware platform, and other preferences.[/box]

(link for above, WikiPedia, here)

Iwata said this:

“Wii was not accepted by core gamers because they did not want to abandon their preferred control approach,” Andriasang quoted him as saying.

“Additionally, Wii did not use HD because HD cost performance at the time was low,” he added.

“Wii U makes it easier to use conventional controls. Also, the Wii U controller is not as big or heavy as it looks.” Link here

I believe with Nintendos realization and the way their headed adds up to a console that will be accepted back by gamers, and not just the FPS gamers which seem to be the standout gamers of this generation on 360 and ps3, I mean the original hardcores who started on sidescrollers and 8 or 16 bit graphics.

Here are a few reasons I think Nintendo will get the hardcores back, and by that I mean the original hardcores (us 30 or 40 year olds):

  • They are finally HD. This was a huge disappointment. Sure the general public at the time maybe didn’t all have HD sets but all the hardcores did! And they wanted to make use of them. Now they will have a good reason to get a Nintendo console again
  • They have a handheld unit that can act like the main screen. We’re all old now, the people who remember the first couple consoles. We have families, kids etc. We can’t spend 3 hours a night on our living room TV cause all the other members of our family want to watch American Idol or the Amazing race. That sort of thing really short-circuits gamers, we really need to get involved in a game to really get hooked and that means sitting down for more than 30 minutes at a time so we can get some REAL work.. I mean gaming done.  So with a handheld, when someone desperately wants the TV, we can move the game from TV to handheld and keep playing. Its almost like having a DS and Console in one! (yes the handheld needs to be connected to the base unit but hey, it would likely work anywhere in the house similar to your Wifi. Out on your deck, in your bedroom etc so we don’t have to totally stop gaming when someone wants to watch their show. This is really huge, for me even and one reason I’m really excited about it. The power and graphics of a console but the (in house) portability of a handheld
  • They are moving back to a more mixed control style, not all Wiimote now, much more emphasis likely on the right controller for the game sort of idea – this will make publishers happen, i.e. to have a more standard control scheme as with the other consoles.
  • The points above means as I said that publishers will be happier, and that means more games and more ‘hardcore’ style games too. Its those same hardcore games publishers that complain about the control change and we (Nintendo) lost a lot of third party support just because gamers and publishers didn’t want to do all the work to switch their games to motion control.  Lets face it, the hardcore gamers aren’t used to doing a lot of activity while gaming, and even less when they are going to game for 2,3, or 4 hours at a time. try swinging your arm in a game for 4 hours, much easier to use thumbs
  • They have innovated again. Just like the original Wii, they’ve brought something new and exciting to the table, that new and exciting thing is what they need to turn heads and get people looking at the console. This will get the momentum headed in the right direction, and indeed has even already
  • The possibility and chance to compete with more tablet style devices is huge, I mean really huge. Right now there is no competition for apple and gaming on the iPad or iPod touches. Sure vita but vita doesn’t do apps, at least not yet like an iPad. I’m hoping Nintendo goes full bore with touch enabled apps (they’ve announced an App store already) that go beyond games and provide a lot more then cutesy photo taking software.  If they can get in beside Apple and work as a decent ‘other’ tablet, I could find myself reaching for it to check my email instead. (the iPad is… ok for gaming, having no buttons is really awkward though, really need a controller for games of some sort)
I think Nintendo could do it this time, they made millions upon millions of dollars with the Wii, and that was without hardcores, I’m hoping they will do all that over again WITH the hardcores included!
Stay tuned for E3, June 5th to 7th I believe!

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