Sprockets, Chains and Tires

These are the things that my bike needed. After I said ‘go ahead’ though I got a little nostalgic.  See those were the original pieces (sans rear tire). So the chain, sprocket and front tire had been through all the bogs, swamps, beaches and rivers and had survived all the crashes, drops, and inclement weather. They flawlessly got me through everything basically. 14000 kilometres of use out of the original hardware, I almost feel like framing them and hanging them on my wall.

I was thinking that I should have asked them to keep them. All of them… No maybe just the sprockets and chains. Then I thought, ‘what would I even do with them other than having them hang in my garage for the next 40 years?’.

I suppose there are more important things to keep for memories if we have to keep any at all. See cause then my thought pendulum swings right over to the other side and ponders the reason why anyone keeps anything? It means something to them for a few years and then they die, and the next guy has to sell it or throw it away. Its very odd. Life is so fleeting and material things so worthless when you consider the passing of time and that nothing else matters than God and family.

A little less philosophical is the basic desire to want to remember good times and thats what these pieces mean to me. Though having said all that, they constitute 10% of the bike maybe? The rest is all there in all its scratched / smashed / bent up glory harking back to the good ole days! (And my seat material is still MINT, no rips, tears or scratches, thats a small miracle really, maybe a big one).

My next thought is ‘hey, when I get to heaven and know everything just like God, I’ll know the dump where my chain and sprockets are and with my super powers (do we get super powers?) I’ll dig them up and assemble my original bike again’.  But if that was the peak of the fun in heaven, I probably wouldn’t want to go 😛 I’ve been promised a lot more than that! (go read your bible).

So I will enjoy my mostly original bike and the new (safer, non broken) parts and squeeze out all the life i can from that wonderful beast of a bike. I’m going to go hug my bike now and say the following quietly: “my precious….”

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