Being SO busy and SO tired is never an excuse

Words to live by right? The title? I am seemingly so busy with 2 kids and so tired with Jack and Arden alternating nights of not wanting to sleep. Doesn’t mean I should neglect my blog right?! But its also true of life otherwise, if life is so busy and you’re SO tired, maybe its time to make some changes.

Well ok, can’t make any changes myself right now so I’ll have to deal with it. Having said that, I still can’t use it as an excuse to neglect my wife or the house (for too long) or whatever else is going on.

Our life is busy with a new child, and a land purchase and people staying over, moving to the Island, small business ventures, keeping up with projects started prior to said list of items etc.

Switch gears: I mowed the lawn partially for the first time this year! My parts tractor is coming in real handy, I’ve been able to make use of bolts, belts, grease nipples and bonnets from it and hopefully the engine from it. But its cutting! Thats the first step. I need to schedule with the guy I bought it from to help me do some work on it. All in time though, at least for now I can cut my lawn which is the priority for now.

Soon we’ll be having the exterminators come in from Orkin to rid our place of carpenter ants and hopefully the annual influx of beetles in august as well. Love getting things completed on the house and thats one of those things. This house needs one good fogging to give us a clean bug free slate to work with, after which we should be able to manage it with residential products. Hopefully….

And right now, I’m enjoying a fresh baked loaf of white bread with a generous amount of butter on it.

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