How can I have a fresh new baby and not blog about it right? Born April 17, at 9:58am is Jack Barrett Gallant, at a healthy 8lbs 4 ounces. The whole thing was relatively easy / uncomplicated which was a change from the first one where they thought Arden was in distress or something. Turned out not to be the case but they took steps to be sure. We spent 7 days or so in the hospital that time, felt like we’d never get out. As of writing this, we’ve been in the hospital only a day and a half or so and should be getting discharged tomorrow sometime! Yahoo, won’t feel like we’re totally living in it! (Yes, I’ve been sleeping in the hospital room, thankfully PCH, aka Prince County Hospital, has little pull out daddy beds, though the room is constantly a little chilly so a hoodie is good to have).

Many prayers went up for little Jack from various folk including us for a safe arrival, and for an uncomplicated one and all our prayers were answered. God is faithful and willing if we just ask. Amazing stuff and we thank God for His blessings on us!

Tomorrow at 10am will be 48 hours so they’ll weight Jack again and see where we’re at. If they weight is good, we’ll be off home with our family of 4 now. Here are some pics:




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