Good Friday Morning

Its Good Friday today. I’m (again) drinking coffee, second cup (no NOT Second Cup TM, second cup of my freshly roasted beans 🙂 … ) . Church service in 1 hour or so. We’re actually not scheduled for worship or anything, how bizarre?! We’ve been given a break for the next month from being on worship to, again, how bizarre right?! I guess its good, what with the new baby on the way and all.

Breads (ingredients) in the maker, wood is in the fire (slightly cool out, -0.1 or something), Arden is eating her breakfast and all is well. We are very blessed. Today like any other really we should be reminded of the purpose of Christs death on the cross for us. He took all our sin on Himself so that we could be made righteous through that act.

Ephesians 2:8:  God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

The ‘cross’ is considered Christian, basically because its the christians (Christ followers) that accept(ed) that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. And its through Jesus’ death on the cross that we are saved from our sin, the penalty was paid at that time. ‘Christ Followers’ are basically the only ones that believe that. Others may believe that a guy died on a tree but not that He WAS the Messiah and that He died for OUR sins.

This weekend is all about remembering His sacrifice for us, willingly He died so that we could be saved.

I thank the Lord every day for our blessings, SO many and for all the freedoms we have in this country. God is AWESOME!

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