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I’ve found a new part time hobby! Buying and selling stuff On usedpei 🙂 usedeverywhere has created a couple apps for iPad and iPhone. One is used viewer, it simply let’s you view usedpei or other location sites, doesn’t let you post or edit ads etc. and when emailing someone about an ad, it shoots you out to the browser ( in app) to use the standard is the email form.

The second is used post app, it’s for iPhone, but allows you to post real time, take pics and upload them right away, select categories, add price, etc. all the standard stuff you can do in the browser, but again it’s an iPhone app so no landscape orientation on iPad. It does do the job though.

They really need to make an all in one iPad or universal app. Anyways, with the combination, it works. It means I can walk outside, create an ad on the spot and take a photo of the I item or 4 (max number of pics you can add) and post it right away, no waiting to get back to your computer. This for me is a revolution in selling used stuff. Now you can go out to your garage and start taking pics of things and post them right then!

I find as well that usedpei is seemingly the most used buy/sell site for PEI. This isn’t the case across Canada but seems to be most popular here with folks regularly checking it for goods. I’ve sold a pile on it so far.

It fills a couple of things, helps us get rid of stuff we would otherwise throw out, and it gets us a few bucks for stuff we again would otherwise not make any money from. I’ve gotten rid of free stuff there too. You’d be surprised ( or maybe you wouldn’t) of the free stuff you can offload if the right person is looking, even if it’s broken stuff!

Love it, start posting today!


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