All licensing, certifications and inspections due NOW

Due now, ya! I have to get my bike inspected, I have to get my teeth inspected on wednesday, I have to renew / update my insurance for my bike next week, I have to get my boating certificate, soon I’ll need to get my annual car inspection.

Oh so many things to schedule, and call about. The one thing I don’t like very much about PEI is the requirement for yearly inspections, though having said that, last years inspection did find a serious issue with one of our wheel joints that was about to fall off :/ So they probably are good, just one more thing in the year you have to schedule for. It would be great to have a world government that could line up ALL your appointments with all the different agencies so you could take just one day off and get it all done. A day of standing in lines! And maybe one singular ID card so you wouldn’t have to go to many location, just one and give them your credit card, pay $1000 and get all the stamps, stickers and tags need for all your vehicles 😛

I guess I didn’t mention its tax season, thankfully we have someone doing it for us! Though, apparently I made too much last year so the government took even MORE money from  us which means we get less returned 🙁 Too bad so sad…

Busy times, plus our second child is on the way which is exciting but means it will be even busier. But life is good for sure, we are SUPER blessed and have so much. I’m thankful I’m busy with these small things and that I live in the country that I do and have the life that i do. So many blessings, its a  blessing that I can even have a motorcycle and all that!


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