I’m officially ready for summer I think. Though this warm / cold spring is great for sap! I’m ready to get outside and start cutting grass and cleaning things up. ¬†This will be the 3rd summer here and i’m finally getting to projects that are ‘nice to have’s rather than ‘need to get done’s. Part of the problem is I work from 10 to 6 during the week and we have a child, Arden of course. It effectively means that any usable day light during the week and even on weekends is spent on responsibilities inside the home. Just as well now since outside is mucky and cold. Still though, its really hard and discouraging to do stuff when there is no light, whether warm or cold. Working on lawn tractors by work light just isn’t the same, not to mention the moist ground which doesn’t make for a nice workshop.

Some of the projects I’m looking forward to doing / hoping to get done are:

  • making more firewood stands. i have one big decent one and it seems to work well, I need to make the one beside the house in the same fashion. Didn’t use much firewood this year, not as much as last anyways so I’ll need more area to stack.
  • making / enlarging the shed by way of maybe just a roof off one side. Doesn’t even hardly need to be water proof, just more of a shelter for my gas guzzling equipment. But that means i need to clear the land around the shed of rotting wood, bits of metal, general debris, and then it will need some grading. So many things. ¬†Actually one thing I like about owning an old house is that there are projects for me to do, and lots of them. If we lived in a brand-new home, I don’t know what I’d do… I guess I’d spend my time making a home theatre or something
  • getting some grading done on the driveway, hoping to raise it a bit for better drainage, we’ll see
  • clearing out all the barn board downstairs which is totally dusty and a breeding ground for ants, mice, spiders. Its just generally not a clean thing to have in your basement. This project isn’t outside but… still needs to be done

There are many more but these are the things that come to mind for this year. It sure is nice to see progress here and to feel like I’m getting something done. Winter is one time when you feel like nothing is getting done. I guess it doesn’t have to be like that, there are things that can be done but being wet / cold / miserable, its not as enjoyable.

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