Ever heard of Microsoft courier? Well I t was this really cool notebook style tablet, that folded in the middle and allowed you to copy and paste images from a browser right to a notepad or document. on the other side of the screen. It allowed you to lasso images with your finger and drag them across.

Anyways, go google it, see image there as well.

Well that project died, ms really should have proceeded with it as it was a revolutionary idea at t he time. Then came iPad, and with the 3rd iteration of it, we now have an app called Tapose.It embodies the spirit of courier, an all in one desktop/ collaboration and brainstorming app. It’s very cool but probably best suited to designing / brain storming things right now. $3 inthe app store.

In some ways, this is a bit of what apple missed the boat on. It provides a desktop feel where you can have a browser and document open side by side, and widgets such as google maps and such. It was going to be your one stop shop and I love it!

The courier pic was lasso’d by Tapose. It’s version 1 of the software, I typed about 3/4 of this blog in Tapose, hence the weird spacing… Had some troubles copying the text to move it over and such, lots of bugs but I’m sure the next iteration or two will resolve most of them just as the Blogsy guys did when it started (Blogsy being the app I’m using to write blogs now, it’s come a LONG way since version 1 as well). This is the kinda software that has SO much potential so i snapped it up quick. Not sure what I’ll use it for, would be good in a business meeting maybe to keep notes and browse a page at the same time. Go check it out! Very cool stuff

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