3 weeks with Glo

Its been 3 weeks, or something like that with my new Glo bible app for iPad. I got it on sale for $40 or something.. I wrote another blog on that one but here are my thoughts after that time.

  • one, I do like paying for this sort of app, cause it means you’re supporting someone who is spreading Gods Word! sometimes we christians are so cheap and we end up stifling the christian merchandise market. Theres nothing wrong with material things and products as long as they aren’t worshipped or whatever. Christians need to support their own more, especially in this digital age. You never expected to get a paper copy bible for free did you? (unless it was given to you…) ┬áNot that bibles shouldn’t be free, I think the basic straight up bible should be, but if you want commentaries, notes, maps etc, you need to be ready to pay. Anyways, that was totally a side rant
  • The tabs or desktops that they use can pile up and its hard to know where you’re at. I actually don’t use the desktop sort of thing, I always seem to go open a new page to get to a passage again, neither is faster i don’t think.. I’ll have to try the desktop toggle thing more
  • The PC/Mac integration with the software is good, it synchronizes with your iPad so your reading plan is up to date on either device and the desktop version of it has a few more features. All this makes for a great study tool for pastors or just regular joe searching out the bible a bit more than just reading it. If you buy one, you get the other basically with your license. Very smart, and yes there are other pieces of software that require you to buy things twice.
  • the reading plan is really nice, I’ve come to understand (I think) how the logic works for telling you when you’re done you’re reading. I think its a timed 5 minutes or 10 minutes at one sit down, rather then a calculated ‘you need to read 2 chapters in this calendar day’ sort of thing. I’ve thought of many different ways to otherwise calculate if you’ve completed your reading for the day and there are pros and cons to each. this works but if you read half in the morning, then want to finish at night, you’ll end up reading more then your x amount per day because the program calculates per sitting. I wasn’t able to find any description or detail on how it determines how much you’ve read so I’m making assumptions. It would be nice to pick the style of logic there. i.e. read 2 chapters in 24 hour period and you’re done, or start a countdown time for 10 minutes and read until you’re done. Anyways, that was confusing for the first little while, not real intuitive. It also doesn’t tell you when you’re ahead of the reading. It just lets you get well ahead and then shortens the completion time for you rather then forcing x amount of reading in 10 days. which is ok for most cases but if you truly wanted to read the bible in 365 days, and you decided to read an extra chapter a day, you’d be done in 270 or something like that…
  • The software can be a tad slow (on iPad 2 that I have) when going to the index, and trying to find and select chapter and verse. I have to try to keep up with other ‘real’ bibles in church to get to the pages quickly. You’d think with electronics it would be twice as fast,… they need to work on that

Overall I’m happy with it, its my go to bible now, its also on sale right now for easter. You should check it out!

Still lacking are the extensive commentaries that you can find attached to the blue letter bible app for example.. maybe in versions to come

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