Prophecy update – march

This will be a short form update. Israel suggests it won’t be days or weeks but the Iran battle wont be years either

Russian troops land in Syria?? Makes sense to me if there is a great er battle brewing. It’s ominous that Russia is so involved with Syria and Iran.–abc-news.html

Egypt says Israel is her top enemy,… Again. This after a long time peace treaty was in force for years with Mubarak in power

There is so much more, what does it point to? It points to a war that is regional, ( Russia and china have stated they will back up Syria and Iran in a strike) and all th e countries around israel are basically hostile to Israel. This sets it all up for the huge attack on Israel basically. Ezekiel 38 could be very very soon probably in conjunction with the Iran attack since Syria and gaza would likely be hitting Israel on Irans commands should Israel start a strike.

We all need to pay close attention to the news in the middle east because they are all in the run up phase for large parts of bible prophecy.

Interested in more headlines relating to bible prophecy? Check out . It’s a great starting place

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