Weekends Fast and a Garden Tractor

I don’t know where our weekends go. Filled with hockey, church (early morning practices, and early night as well if we’re on at night), driving around, seeing this or that, shopping, fixing things around the house.

Now its not all bad, got a lot done this weekend. I roasted 2 pounds + of coffee saturday morning – house still smells like roasted coffee throughout! Got more sap to boil down, scored the big 2 goals at saturday night hockey (though we lost 6 -3…), got over to look at a garden tractor, got OSX Lion installed and working, played outside with Arden, went to a roast beef dinner at the Lions club. It was generally a full weekend, but that also means it feels like time flies. So many things to do, so little time as they say.

This aft I went to look at a garden tractor, its a beat up old thing, has a pile of character and lots of potential. My philosophy with this tractor will be not to totally restore it and keep it shiny but not to beat it either. I think maybe with my lawn tractor I was treating it a bit rough trying to make it do stuff it wasn’t meant to do (haul a trailer load of firewood, plough the driveway of snow). It did pretty well considering it was really only meant for light duty lawn cutting. Today though I opted for a garden tractor which is a much more heavy / tough built tractor, meant for ‘real’ work. It will do mowing, ploughing, grading, snow blowing,… all sorts of things you can do.

Some of the cool features on it (btw, its a 1968 model, Bolens 1050) are:

  • Hand started, you pull a rope like a lawnmower
  • PTO (power take off, for all kinds of powered implements)
  • Locking read differential – for the really tough work. Actually this is a key feature to be able to push snow decently
  • low and high gears – just like a REAL tractor
  • Option for a 3 point hitch on the back with potential PTO output on it – how cool is that right?!
  • Wind cab – for winter winds, cool addition. And original hardware too!
  • Non ripped seat – my lawn tractor seat was all cracked and soaked with water. Always had to have a bag over it or a foot mat to keep me dry. seats not original obviously but will be nice to have one that stays dry!
  • two sets of tires – turf tires and standard tractor tires
  • 3 blade mower deck

Now the pic above isn’t the actual unit, the actual one has a bit more character but I’m excited to have a go with it. Should have it within a week or two as soon as I can get my trailer out of the snow!

RE weekends, I’ll make good use of this during the summer on weekends mowing our grass, generally getting work done around the house that requires any sort of hauling around.

Now having said all this, I need to go rest my eyes cause I’m tired from our weekend 😛

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