Distraction of Worldly Goods

The last couple of weeks I’ve been so distracted from the better things in life as I try to decide what I’m going to spend my money on this year. I have what I call ‘toy’ money. Money that is over and above my regular job that I use for my hobbies, or Mac upgrades, or games or seadoos. This year I need,. sorry, want a good number of things. Here is my list:

  • coffee grinder
  • OSX Lion > and then this summer Mountain Lion
  • backup software – to complement the time machine backups (I’ve found ‘SuperDuper’, backs up nice and quick and just works, yes I’ve tried Carbon Copy and iBackup and such,… not as good, but thats for another blog)
  • Garden tractor – I’ve busted my lawntractor transmission over and over while using it to push snow, haul firewood, all things its chassis and tranny were really not meant for. this year I’d like to get a more heavy duty tractor, ie a garden tractor for such tasks.
  • A new flatscreen TV – and this one, not just because I want one, but our 32 inch finally died. Its one thing to have only 2 channels, its a whole other thing to have no TV at all. Thankfully some friends gave us one of their old 20 (?) inch ones. I had been looking forward to getting a flatscreen but thats at least $1000 for what I want of course right 😉
  • Coffee Roaster
  • WiiU – which is launching at Christmas!!

Phew… now that I got that off my mind, I feel like, of all the years, this year when so many biblically significant things are happening, I’m so distracted by worldly JUNK. It is JUNK after all, none of it needed. And any time I have a little money coming my way, it totally burns a hole in my pocket! I’m like a little kid, trying to figure out what I can afford, how I can spend just a little bit more then I have, say paying the taxes over and above what actual money I have saved up. Usually I spend my money well before it comes in :S

I just think of all the years to be alive and in all the times on this earth we are in the closing moments and this time like no other I need to be in the Word of God, looking for HIM instead of looking at mans stuff, all of which will be outdated in 6 months or broken or both. Priorities I guess right.  No one is saying toys aren’t fun, but you certainly need to keep perspective! For me thats hard.

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