Why I yawn in a church service

I yawn sometimes in church, who doesnt right? And it’s not ( necessarily) due to the content of the sermon. It’s usually because we’re forced to sit in a chair still for 45 minutes doing nothing but listening.


DISCLAIMER: this has no relation to this Sunday’s sermons, I don’t think. Lindsey didn’t speak long, and Josh’s wasn’t too long this time either I don’t recall. I was actually following along with the passages. That’s one good way to hold attention, give us folk something to do while listening.

For me, sermons should be no longer then 30 minutes, I can’t sit longer than that. I’m not sure who REALLY is able to site for 45 minutes or an hour,maybe more mature folk… But I doubt that, they just know how to sit still indefinitely cause they grew up in church. I too learned that, doesn’t mean It helps in the learning / listening part of it.

It’s not natural for humans to sit in one place for extended periods of time. There’s a reason sitcoms are usually a half hour – granted you also have the commercials within which to stand up and get popcorn. Maybe if they made the seats recline in church like the movie theatre I could hold my attention. Though probably not. Coffee in service? I’d love that!

I also don’t necessarily think people yawn at church more than at work for example, it’s just not noticed at work as much.

Regardless of yawning, it’s key that pastors understand how long they have the attention of people, where the learning stops and the glazing of eyes starts. Anything beyond that learning period is wasted time likely right? So why waste everyones time when no one is learning anymore?

There are lots of equations for how long a sermon should be, anything longer than 15 minutes though and I get wiggly. My two cents.

Maybe one day I’ll be super mature like all the other folk… Fat chance though.

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  1. There is a lot to be said for people speaking succinctly. The better you know your topic, the less time you need to explain it to others. The odd person is such a good orator that they can speak for a couple of hours and it feels like 10 minutes, however, that is the exception and not the rule.

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