I’m writing this just after getting home from hockey. I went to the store and got myself a vitamin drink which I sometimes do, I’m usually dehydrated just normally from drinking too much coffee so its a good excuse to get a ‘gatorade’ like drink. And it disappears pretty quickly after a game.

Back in ‘the day’ when I played in the KBHL (http://www.kbhl.org) we as a team, at least most of us would go to McDonalds. Usually McDonalds, sometimes other restaurants, it was basically on the way home for us so we would all find each other there after a game. We would take up 4 or 6 tables and even see other teams there. I did enjoy that, but that wasn’t exactly the memory.

Often my parents would come cause my dad was coaching or whatever and if my brother or I didn’t seem to be buying anything ‘substantial’ my mom would offer to buy us a meal deal. It was kinda funny, supposedly grown men at that point, doing our own thing and we get to McDs with all the other guys from hockey and our mom would be offering to buy us a big mac or something… just so she could see us eating something.

I guess its a mom thing, or a parent thing, no matter how old your kids are you want to see them eating ‘well’. I put well in quotes of course since most wouldn’t deem McDs as healthy food. Nonetheless, she wanted to see that we were eating and that we weren’t starving ourselves or something. And most the time we were quite happy to let her buy us food actually.

In thinking about it, I imagine Arden, well even now eating, on the road or whatever and we just want to make sure her belly is full even if its not totally healthy food. Sometimes you take what you can get into her and at this stage of life, we shouldn’t be overly concerned about heart disease… Sometimes if you can get some greasy food into her, its better than nothing right?!

Anyways, the whole after hockey thing with the boys from the team, and often our uncles as well as they would be guest players was real nice, especially when for our family it was often a whole family event (without Megan though, as this was at a time when she was already married and miles away, and she couldn’t care less about hockey anyways :P)

Often I would tease my mom and put her through craziness and not be nice, but she was consistently loving and available no matter what, quiet and sorta on the sidelines watching out for us. Maybe as she is even now on the sidelines in heaven watching – wouldn’t that be cool if when we got to heaven we learned that they were able to watch everything from up there?? I hope and I want to be such a parent, patient, loving, always there and willing to help no matter what pain my children cause for me and no matter how stressful they are.


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