Why I won’t be getting an Apple TV

Here is a list of my reasons why I won’t be getting an Apple TV (and by TV I mean the actual rumoured television set to launch this year, not the little box):

  1. The first gen TV will lack a lot of features, probably even features which reside on other existing set, like AV ports. My guess is that the connections will be limited to HDMI, Optical and other high end ones and likely won’t carry the variety of lower end connection methods, or things like SD slots or USB slots
  2. It likely will only be attached to iTunes, I’m guessing they won’t launch it with DNLA which is the other network type system for accessing media. Why allow you to access something outside of iTunes? Doesn’t make sense for apple
  3. Apple has too much of my info across enough systems. Macbook, 2 iPads, 2 iPods
  4. Similar to 3, Apple is getting too big for their boots, too much big brother now with their closed system. Everything starts out good as did this one but I fear Apple will get too much control and really start limiting what I can do
  5. Maybe the next idea from 4, I want to give other manufacturers my money. I like LG for example with their passive 3DTV, DNLA, and App store
  6. I want a 3D TV, I’m sure Apple won’t be doing 3D for a long time yet, and even if they do, if its not passive, I won’t be interested. Passive is the only way to go
  7. You might say that I can play games from my iPad to my big screen tv… Sure, but I don’t really like the iPad as a controller, touch screen solely doesn’t do it for me. And I want to get the new Nintendo WiiU which basically is a tablet and a TV so no incentive there. I’ll keep my ipad for email, blogging and recreation surfing and do my gaming on a dedicated gaming console! Thats right, I’m hardcore!

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