I just ‘upgraded’ to the timeline view on facebook. Interesting, intriguing and sobering all at the same time. My first thought after hearing what it was all about was to check what my very first comments were, and photos for that matter. First its kinda freaky that they have a ‘born’ label at the bottom, as if we’re tracked since coming out of the womb.

Second, i’m pretty lucky (I think) that I don’t have too much sketchy stuff in terms of old comments and photos. My first thoughts are towards politicians whose privacy is invaded when opponents go digging for dirt, they could take almost any comment or photo off a facebook timeline and twist it to make someone look potentially really bad. Even fairly tame photos that friends would understand and think nothing of could be used against you from a harmless puff of a cigarette to jumping off a bridge (which is usually illegal). Something that is so harmless and means nothing to you and your friends other then past memories is now on a blue and white (facebook) platter for basically anyone to get.

Then I think of how in the future i might regret something that gets posted one way or another. I’m ‘old’ in comparison to most of the people on FB, most get on there when they are still in public school and will, by the time they are 20 or so, have lived their whole life on FB with potentially a whole growing up life worth of comments, fights, pictures you thought were funny at the time and such. Its not really fair that these things get taken into account for good OR bad when it comes to future jobs, positions, roles, relationships etc, but they potentially can be brought up and you have no control over it. I’m thinking, at least on my blog I have control to delete it all (course even that my host likely has lots of backups for) but on facebook, you know they are selling information to advertisers who target you with ads, or worse. At least with a blog, when I stop paying my bill, they will delete my account cause they need the space for someone else, with facebook, its a much more murky process. Do they really remove it all? In their long TOS, are there loopholes for them to be able to use your info, your pics etc? And what about friends who tag you in photos? Whether you untag yourself or not, they probably are all still up there.

This is well beyond privacy settings, this is at the point where you really need to consider what information you are posting there. Most say they don’t care who knows whatever. Sure, maybe until you run for public office, or maybe even when you try to renew your license and somehow they bring up something from the past whether its a real issue or not.

Just sayin, its a super slippery slope and I think we’ve already fallen down it. For me, now is the time to stop the bleeding, shore up what personal items are left to preserve them and really consider how much of my life I want to in the digital world.

All said and done though, I think the Lord will return for His bride before we all get into too much big brother trouble with this but, should the Lord tarry, I’m thinking about it!

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