The misc update

Been super slacking with blogs, whats up with that right?! Been busy, thats a good excuse. I’ve been working on my tractor and have spent a few longer days at regular work, and been roasting lots of coffee beans. Sure is a pain roasting when you can only roast a couple ounces at a time!

I’m looking forward to ‘soon’ getting a new 1 pound coffee roaster so I can proceed with selling it! Can’t wait to try that out.

And yes, I busted my tractor again, transmission doesn’t want to shift, I don’t think its broken but I won’t know until I have it apart. Maybe I’ll work on that tonight.  It would be real nice if I had a nice large well lit garage or shop. I suppose I’m fortunate to at least have a a shed / shop even though its small. In terms of pushing snow this year, there really has only been maybe 2 times so far when I’ve really needed to push snow. Most times it falls, and you can either drive over it or it melts the next day. Even with that though, its a little much for my tractor, really beating it hard going back and forth to push snow. It obviously not meant for that. Next year I hope to have garden tractor, its the next step up. Much more heavy duty for pulling, dragging, pushing etc and most if not all come with mower decks on them. I’m hoping to get an older one again that can either be my all around unit like the lawn tractor was or maybe just keep it for hauling wood and pushing snow and other heavy duty projects. We’ll see. For now, I think I want to limit the lawn tractor to the actual lawn 😛

Also, I’m thinking of getting a snow blower, ie a garden tractor with a blower on it. Reason? Well, the 2 times a year it DOES snow enough to warrant moving it with heavy machinery, the snow is usually deep and heavy. The lawn tractor does great for smaller snow falls and I’ve used it for the big ones too but often I need to get out my big snow scoop for one reason or another where a blade on the tractor doesn’t work. You can’t just keep pushing the snow cause the driveway gets smaller and smaller.

Its likely time for another prophecy update, I’ll get on that! Lots of things happening if you’re following the news in Syria and Iran, and now right in Israel as there are reports about a project to split the temple mount!


Stay tuned!

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