The French Press Experience

I’ve had french press coffee before, my dad uses it often. Hes used a few different brewing methods also including regular drip coffee maker and perculator. French Press is I think the current choice. I decided to give it a try myself, in my own house. I’ve had pressed coffee before but never tried anything other then a drip maker.

I went to Value Village in Charlottetown to look for, among other things, a french press (those other things were: popcorn maker – for coffee roasting, coffee grinder, and any other cool electronical things that sometimes get into thrift stores that you can pic up for cheap and play with). The french press turned out to be a ‘Bodum’ which is a good name in presses. Though the plunger was a bit bent. It worked though, no major escapage around the edges of it. The only silt in the coffee was from the grounds that were too fine (due to my cheap blade grinder… burr grinder is on my list of things to get before I can start selling roasted beans!)

Surprisingly, the taste was quite close to my coffee maker (which all true aficionados suggest is the WoRST way to brew coffee). What the press did provide is a bit more ‘mouth feel’, a thicker brew for sure, a large part due to the bad grind as mentioned earlier. All in all, not too bad. And with that you can steep the coffee to your liking. Let it sit a bit longer for strong or a bit shorter for a lighter taste.

Does it save anything? Money, electricity, work? Well not really any of the above unless the power consumption by my regular coffee maker 24 hours a day made a difference. It had a lighted clock on it… With the press, you still need to boil a pot of water, rinse down the whole unit when done etc. Plus, its really only a 6 cup max sort of thing which is good for LIndsey and I but not ideal for guests. Seen has how they were quite close in taste to our brewer with its stainless steel carafe, I think I’ll opt for the drip maker for general multi party / visitor use.

I can’t say its any more or less work but it definitely makes a different kinda coffee. I like it. In general the coffee from it has more flavour, stronger flavour that is. The taste you get out of the drip coffee maker is there, just more evident. It doesn’t make the coffee more bitter, or give it aftertaste etc, just generally stronger flavour which is perfect.

Apart from Chemex units or pour over methods, this is apparently the best way to make coffee, and by far the cheapest in terms of cost to purchase a unit to brew the coffee. I think this will be our ‘go to’ brewer from now on!

How do you use a french press? Check out this page:

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