Coffee Pot Cleansing

 This morning I looked in our coffee pot and it was black with coffee oils and varnish. I had been thinking of cleaning it for a while and did try vinegar but it didn’t really do much to the varnish. Great for mineral deposits and such from hard water, but didn’t really work on the coffee varnish in the bottom of the pot. And that varnish smells and is just generally gross. Every coffee pot has it, especially if you haven’t cleaned yours back down to the stainless steel (in our case we have a stainless steel carafe). 

So to solve it, I googled it. Turns out bleach works really well, and it does, incredible how fast it starts eating away and dissolving the thick layer of coffee oils. Before I knew it, I could actually see the stainless steel under much of the deposits and after another 10 minutes and some swishing, the whole carafe was back to shiny stainless! Clean as a whistle!

But why should you car about cleaning your carafe really right? Other then it not looking nice? Well, it smells, and it undoubtedly leaves some kind of an extra taste with your brew. 

To finish, I ran vinegar and water through the coffee maker twice and then a pot of straight water to rinse

I probably wouldn’t blog about the vinegar thing as everyone knows that. But the amazingness of the bleach definiltely warranted a post especially for all those out there who drink coffee using a carafe since carafes usually go uncleaned longer cause you can’t really get into them to scrub or anything.


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