How much money do you throw away?

 Some quick calculations, we throw out SO much compost all the time (with Arden not eating toast crusts and such…). I assume we will have even MORE compost as we have more kids too.

So how much money to we basically throw away every year?

We consume 4288 pounds of food per year.  We spend about $6480 on food per year. If we throw out 0.5 lbs a day, over the year that means we throw away about $300. So we buy $300 worth of food, and we throw it into the garbage. And that I think is a low estimation! I would think its even closer to $1000. Hard to say exactly.

Now, as per last blog, a significant amount of that is food that we can’t or don’t want to eat, apple cores, seeds, left overs of all sorts. If you could compost it and get something back out of it, even if you only got $200 back from in in terms of savings (maybe you buy less potted soil, maybe you don’t need as much grass seed, maybe your dog eats less dog food cause his diet is supplemented with left overs), well that pays of a couple of nights out, some christmas presents, maybe it can go into savings.

Its these unseen sort of costs and unseen savings right there looking at you that cause death by a thousand cuts financially when not fully considered and acted on. Thing is we are SO rich in the western world, to much to care really about the little things. Its ‘affordable’ to waste money.

I think we have things backwards here, our thoughts, our lifestyle etc.


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4 thoughts on “How much money do you throw away?

  1. When you put it into numbers that way … wow. However, with 8 kids eating at my house daily, I’ve had to try to ignore all the waste that leaves our house. I do however, make serving sizes VERY small — parents are always surprised when they see how little I offer their kids. There are always seconds available, but they’re served as little as I can get away with to begin with, so that I’m (hopefully) throwing less away. And suppers with our own kids are always family-style, so they only take what they’re going to eat (most of the time!). BUT, as a parent, you could drive yourself crazy trying to force your kid to eat if you let the amount of waste get to you (and I know a few moms who have!).

  2. We are so well off here in North America. I was just perusing a children’s furniture catalogue and the total cost of the room was in the neighbourhood of $6000.00 US before taxes and shipping. Honestly, even if I had that kind of money to throw around I don’t know if I could spend that while knowing that a lot of people don’t have anywhere to sleep, let alone a bed.

    I love the idea of composting, but we don’t have a pile yet. Mainly because of the neighbours’ incredibly annoying dogs who would tear it apart the first day. I think I need to google “bear proof compost” or something…

  3. Probably not feasible for you to get chickens, but scraps would supplement a dogs diet.. course dogs don’t really pay you back for anything.

  4. You guys should definitely some chickens for the summer. in some kind of dog proof / bear proof shed for sure though. I’m very interested in ways to save money where its relatively easy to do so

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