No, i’m not talking about SOPA. Sometimes in the morning I look at my RSS feeds and news apps and nothing really changes. I kinda expect new exciting news on some front daily. Sometimes I just find myself trying to figure out what to google next, what interesting thing can I look up? Is there another website on prophecy or coffee, or some other hobby of mine that I haven’t see yet? Maybe an incredible website full of informations and vids that for some reason I hadn’t spotted up till now?

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Alas, often times I just feel like I’ve seen all there is to see on a subject and I”m slightly disappointed. It may be that that is a sign I’m spending TOO much time on my ipad in the morning sipping my coffee when I really could / should be outside splitting firewood or something (and I really do need to do that, haven’t been outside the house for more then a few minutes at a time in the last week or so probably not including hockey and church!

I suppose that is the one thing about winter in most northern locales, you end up spending more time, a lot more time indoors cause its too cold, or too rainy, or too dark (after work) to do anything. All that being said I  do have a pile of projects to be done around the house but we’re in a lull for that right now after having finished the latest big project of the dining room (though as I look around, there is one light switch I need to sand an retouch…)

Also, I tend to have a few minutes before work where I can sit and relax – WHICH I LOVE – but it also means I’m excited to sit down with my coffee and read an interesting article but when I don’t find one I’m slightly dissatisfied.

ah well. I look forward to the warm summer months when I can sit out on the deck with my coffee in the morning, now that is an incredible experience, maybe one of my favourite things to do around this old house! Sit there in the sun and what the world go by.


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