The age of digital bibles

 Are digital bibles any less the Word of God? As I was doing my daily morning reading (and email of thoughts to Lindsey and a friend, which kinda acts like accountability) I wondered where my ‘real’ bible was. My paper and leather bound bible, the thing where you turn real pages.

Does God care whether we read a bible on a mobile device or whether we hold a bound bible, or maybe he prefers we read it from a leather scroll, or better yet, a stone tablet? Does it matter?

I don’t think God cares HOW we learn about Him and how we get into His Word. I think the argument is kinda like drinking. Does it glorify God to do it? Does it act as a stumbling block to anybody? Example, if I’m reading my bible on my ipad every morning, does Arden know what I’m doing? Does she get a sense that I’m daily in my bible, and maybe gain a good habit through that? Or does she simply see daddy playing on his ipad, probably on facebook or playing scrabble? (generally ignoring her).

I know my friend, Pastor Kevin a while back decided to read his ‘real’ bible so that it would be a greater impact on his kids. I think that is a great reason to stick with a dedicated book rather then a multifunctional digital device which could just be seen as something I”m playing on, or even send the message that there is nothing special about Gods Word as compared to any other information source I consume on a daily basis.

Then I think about my big old bible sitting up in my room which hasn’t been cracked in months, maybe a year, I really don’t recall the last time I opened it :/. To me it feels like an extra laziness. Not pulling out a real bible when I want to read Gods Word, not spending a few minutes on sunday to put my ‘good’ clothes on, or not bothering to do my hair for church. Non of it matters eternally…. Or does it? If that turns out to affect the spiritual growth of Arden or others around, it could impact me or others.

Something to think about. Maybe I’ll try to start using my bible again.


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