GreenBeans Source First Look

There are a few sources for green beans in Canada. Here are the biggest names:

I’m sure there are more and many smaller sources as well but these seem to be the most prevalent on the Internet and accessible for mail order.

Out of these 4, there are really only two contenders, especially as it depends on your criteria. For me, the issue on the Island (Prince Edward Island) is shipping. I’ll go through the list if order of my preference:

Just-Us coffee – these guys are close but seem to only ship in 2 lb bags, not large enough to really get any savings. You’ll be paying as much as store bought, especially when you consider shipping, probably more. Sure the beans will be much better than store bought but my quest is quality AND price. I want beans that will actually save us money! (Yes, its possible, very possible!)

Transcend – interesting company, again though, smaller amounts only sold, 2 lb bags. Great shipping, ie free over $25 spent, but you’re paying $18 for 2 lbs of green beans?? I pay 18 for grocery store roasted, so no good there even with free shipping. Cost per pound if you buy 30 pounds would be $9

SweetMarias – this is the well known US outlet for green beans. Better prices but still, with shipping (and when you select their biggest denomination (20 lbs) you can’t get the basic ground shipping which is where you would save money. – they ship in quantities from 1 lb to several hundred pounds, the larger the amount, the more you save per pound. I need the cost per pound to be below $8 in order for it to save us money on store bought beans. Variety is as good as SweetMarias, they sell fair trade, organic, all the bells and whistles. And a variety of shipping options from purolator to Canada post ground.

What is the average cost per lb for each? 

NOTE: this all depends on where you’re shipping to, what kind of bean you want, and the quantity that you purchase. We’ll assume you’re OK to buy about $100 worth of beans and pay lowest shipping available.

Just-Us and Transcend come out at about $9 or $10 (2 lb max at a time which REALLY limits any savings)

SweetMarias come out at $8 (20lb max at a time which limits the savings)

GreenBeanery beans at the 30lb quantities can get as low as  $5.60 per pound. At the 20 lb quantity (shipping to PEI), its from $6 to $7. 

Now 5 or 6 bucks is where its at for me trying to save money AND roast an incredible batch of coffee!

We use about 40 lbs of coffee a year. Thats $320 at $8 bucks a lb. So with greenbeanery, and fresh roasted coffee, we potentially could be saving $80 a year (40lbs @ $6 = $240 a year). Again, many factors, but that 80 dollars amounts to a savings of 25%. If I do get it at the 5.60 mark per pound, thats 30% savings.

If we lived in Ontario and I could pick up the coffee direct, it would save us probably 40% or more when we don’t need to pay shipping!

So there you are, can you get it cheaper? Or have a better method for obtaining green beans? Or maybe you’re the kind that isn’t concerned with a lower price but happy to pay for better coffee? Feel free to comment!





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