Roasting Coffee Video

Here is the video taken of the first 2 coffee roasts EVER for me. First in the cast iron frying pan, that was a 12 to 15 minute adventure, the second part is the popcorn popper roast which was just under 5 minutes before I stopped the beans roasting.

NOTE: I did a couple more roasts in the air popper and the lid started melting. That was a 6 minute roast, which is a little past the duty cycle of your average popcorn maker so its not ideally suited for medium-dark to dark roasts. Granted, it IS a popcorn popper, not a coffee roast!

The quick experiences (also see my previous blogs for more detail) are that the air popper is a much more even roast and less messy regarding chaff then the cast iron roast method. Much easier in general since you’re not flipping and stirring the coffee the whole time as the air in the popper does all that for you. Also, you can hear the cracks fine, you just have to listen for them. What I’ve learned from 5 roasts so far is that you need to record timing, and outcome and once you roast the bean you want, you should be able to look at your records and duplicate the roast with some degree of consistency. I’ll be roasting with the popper for the next little while until I can get a roaster.

[youtube HTahPd1irXE]

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