Medium Tolima Cupping

I got to taste my medium roast Columbian Tolima thursday morning. I brewed a regular pot as I do every morning with grocery store whole beans from Presidents Choice, I did this for ease of comparison as our daily routine involves grinding the whole beans up until now. 
If you read below, you’ll see what the experts taste in this roasted bean. I can agree with some of it but my tastes are much less refined. Compared to fresh ground coffee from the store, the flavour is much more full and lasting in the mouth, the aroma a lot stronger and the moisture content obviously greater in the fresh roasted coffee. Which means that the fresh roast preserved a lot more of the volatile oils that make up the flavour and aroma of the bean and the cup thereafter. I noticed it definitely was brighter, I noticed the more fruity earthy flavour and aromas as well. The beans likely could have been brewed a bit darker for what I’m used to but then the bean itself simply tastes that way. At this point, I think I’m more going for a flavour I recognize instead of a flavour the bean is providing no matter how its roasted. Regardless, I think the roast was a good medium and not really up towards the medium-dark which is likely the body territory that I think I’m going for. 
The roasting was definitely a success and will really enable us to taste differently each morning as new beans are roasted and brewed rather then same old. 
Here is the Sweet Marias description of the same coffee: 

The dry fragrance has hibiscus floral hints, almond milk, some red apple and flame grape. Adding the hot water, the fruit has a slight winey aspect, warming spice, fig, grape and raisin. There is a nice caramelized sugar whiff on the break, a bit like panela sugar. The lighter roasts have golden raisin fruit sweetness and apple-like brightness. The finish has a pleasant tart, drying quality, a bit like apple skins. There’s dashes of spiciness too; cinnamon stick, clove. Caramel and spice linger as the cup cools, as well as orange spice tea. The body isn’t heavy, but syrupy in mouthfeel to balance out the brighter aspects of the cup. The lightest City roast was my favorite, with that golden raisin sweetness provoking a mouth-watering response. Darker roasts cool well though, and the sweetness and fruit peek out from behind bittering roast flavors as the Full City roast cup cools.

Columbian Tolima definitely aren’t the finest quality beans I can get either so next time I’ll order up some more recommended beans and also focus on getting ones that have a flavour profile more according to what my personal tastes are, body, deep tastes, maybe less brightness and acidity then this bean has when roasted.  
The unevenness of the cast iron roast likely also played a part in making the roast on balance a little lighter than I was going for. 
Overall, very cool experience and can’t wait to make my next roast!

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