Did my first roast wednesday night. (writing this on wednesday but it won’t be posted until Friday). My first 2 that is.
I did a cast iron frying pan roast (which turned out the better but only because I turned off the popper too soon), and a popcorn popper roast.
Some quick thoughts and I’ll be doing more indepth blogs later on each!

  • Much less smoke in the house then people warned about on youtube 😛 It wasn’t bad at all even with the frying pan roast! (no vent hood, opened the window a crack just in case but probably didn’t need it)
  • Certainly is a skill for timing
  • When using a popcorn popper, if you unplug it prematurely, you can’t start it up again. Not mine anyways, it has a heat safety that requires it to cool down before starting up again even if you plug it back in 🙁 Had to settle for a lighter then desired roast. I panic’d a bit and thought it was darker then it really was and pulled the plug early.
  • the smell is just like burnt popcorn…. that is, until about 30 or 40 minutes after the beans have cooled, THEN you can smell the amazingly fresh coffee aroma in the jars! Thats what I was waiting for!
  • I really need a scale. I was measuring in millilitres due to lack of a scale
  • The frying pan was messy and tedious.
  • The popcorn maker was quick clean, chaff went  into the bowl, only a few beans popped out before I did the spoon trick to lean the popper back.
  • The popcorn maker roasted much faster seemingly then the frying pan even though it was a lighter roast, likely due to many factors. 
  • The popcorn maker was definitely more evenly roasted then the cast iron method as well
  • The whole experience was quite easy, easier then some youtube vids made it out to be. The hardest part? Getting the green beans 😛

All things considered, it was a success and it should be tasty by the time I grind them up tomorrow. You need to give them 8 hours or a day to de-gas and for the flavour to peak.

I’ll do a full review with videos of the process and such on the weekend likely.

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