Chinese Calendar and the Dragon

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I mentioned the Mayan calendar and its origins, made sometime just after the biblical flood lending evidence to a young earth and that the bible is true on mans origins. I detailed it in this blog:
Another fascinating calendar that I don’t think I’ve spoken on much, is the chinese calendar. According to Wikipedia (, its starting date was about 3000 years before Christ (note, not ‘before Christian Era which is how they want you to say it now to be inclusive 😛 )

[youtube n16_kzZgLH0]


There is no universally agreed upon “epoch” or starting point for the Chinese calendar. Tradition holds that the calendar was invented by Emperor Huang-di (黄帝) in the 61st year of his reign in what is now known under the proleptic Gregorian calendar as 2637 BC. Many have used this date as the epoch, i.e. the first year of the first sixty-year (sexagesimal) cycle, of the Chinese calendar, but others have used the date of the beginning of his reign in 2697 BC as the epoch. Since these dates are exactly sixty years apart, it does not matter which is used to determine the stem/branch sequence or the astrological sign for any succeeding year. That is, 2006 is a bingxu year and the Year of the Dog regardless of whether years are counted from 2637 BC or 2697 BC.

Interesting here is the notion that it started what would only a few generations after the time of the flood which was likely about 3400 years BC. Why the lag since the flood? Likely Noah and family would have been fine with whatever calendar they used for a good while until nations started breaking off, ie, when the chinese as a people group started, and the mayans as a people group started, that would have come a couple hundreds years after the flood which to me makes total sense. Is it canon? Obviously not. Does it lend credence to the words found in the bible and the geneologies found there? Definitely.
Civilizations history invariably points back to similar biblical time periods described in Genesis which is amazing. Did someone 2000 years ago know all the stories of all the civilizations and their beginnings? Likely not, which means the bible is the inspired Word of God. Its not conclusive proof, but when added to the mountainous pile of evidence, it gives us reason for the hope that is in us and the ability to trust in His word as inspired and true.

Also to note, creation wise is the dragon in their list of calendar animals. Why would they make 11 REAL animals and one mythological one? Well because Dragons were real 🙂 Another blog there for sure!

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