A week only an iPad

Last week I fried my mac power cord, it shorted after plant water spilled on it. And my macbook battery had a ‘replace NOW’ status for the last year or more. So, I got on ebay and ordered up a cheap replacement battery and cord, all for under $100 including shipping (I think..). For anyone in the know, apple batteries alone cost like $150 or something…
For the last week though, without a decent battery, my mac has been sitting, shutdown, doing nothing and with no way to fire it up. 
I’ve barely missed it since I have my iPad! Amazing.  The only things I wanted my Macbook on for were the following:

  • to sync my photos from my ipad to the mac for backup purposes
  • to download my podcasts – iPad doesn’t have a useful interface really for subscribing or using podcasts, I usually run them off my macbook.
  • To backup to my NAS all the latest photos and such

Those are really the only things I had inclinations to open the macbook for and also reasons enough why I can’t totally get rid of my macbook in favour of my iPad. Not on the list was web design work, still not really effective / efficient or even possible in some cases to do that on the iPad.

All things considered though, with iCloud and such, I totally COULD do without my macbook for a very long time. My long term plan, though the macbook will last forever pretty much, is to get an iMac as a family computer. Its often better suited, though having said that, for a family computer sometimes a laptop is nice too cause you can take it to different rooms in the house….. hm… thats another blog, which is better these days, desktop or laptop..
I did an iPad review from my vantage point when I first got the iPad and I haven’t looked back since. Sure there are shortcomings, it will not and isn’t supposed to completely replace a desktop although it is 99% there, probably 100% there for most regular joe users!
I would still recommend an iPad and after trying the playbook which was supposed to be a close competitor, I can easily say that iPad was and is still the right choice. I’ll let you know when a competitor is actually able to compete with Apples device! 😉

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