An intriguing option came up on youtube recently, a beta program to monetize regular posted content.

I really don’t like sites with lots of ads… having said that, I don’t really notice them anymore, when i see anything that looks like an ad, I skip over it, quickly scrolling and scanning for the content that I was looking for.

The allure of what seems like free money is tantalizing though, can i make enough money to pay for my site? Is it worth the stigma of having ad supported sites? Wouldn’t it be great if the website supported itself, paid for its own hosting?

As I read up on it, you basically need a LOT of content and a LOT of hits, page views of the allusive click through of the ads to make any money. And for hits / views you need them in the thousands to make any real money. Say 10,000 a day. This assumes that you won’t unexpectedly break googles TOS, and google has cut off many accounts for TOS violation without much explanation.

So this test may be short lived and it may only profit google for some free adds (cause you don’t get any money until your account with them reaches a minimum of $100 and that assumes that they don’t cancel your account shortly after that mark for said TOS violation :S

The likelihood is that I’ll run this for a month, find its not really making any significant money and remove it. As I generally think ads make for a mess of a website.

Stay tuned for the full review on monetization and whether its even worth trying 🙂

Anyone tried this? Any recommendations or experiences?

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3 thoughts on “Can I monetize?

  1. Yeah, in general I find myself not noticing ads anymore. However, I do notice when a site is NOT plastered in them after being on blogs that have ads filling the side columns. Let me know how it goes!
    P.S. What is TOS?

  2. btw, I really don’t like the look of them on my site. seems much more up scale to NOT have ads… We’ll see, I at least want to give it a try..

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