So I learned something today, which isn’t uncommon (the learning part) but it was something I never really thought of before in terms of doing for others.

So this morning I, and a bunch of guys went and helped clean what is to become a mens shelter. I scrubbed walls, others swept, we moved some furniture, put up a tree. CBC video taped, someone from the local paper was there snapping photos of us all diligently scrubbing and sweeping, all for the Lord right?!

For sure, it was needed and appreciated, and it is my holidays so it was a little out of my way but we did 1.5 hours of work, and called it a good day of ‘being Christ like’. Not to diminish it, it was work that many others just wouldn’t offer to do and its time out I could have spent somewhere else but it wasn’t really anything outside of what I knew I was getting into and was well within my range of comfort to do.

All well and good, Jesus sees it and its a great help to the people that run the shelter and will be appreciated by the men who use it too. Great.

So I was driving home and saw a hitch hiker, and I thought, well… I’m heading his way, might as well do another good deed and give him a lift at least as far as my turn off for. Thats kind right? Hes happy he got a lift which was 2/3rds of the way to where he was going, and it was mostly convenient for me to pick him up. Shows kindness right? Others would do the same around here and I’m glad for it, a helping hand and a lift here and there really greases the wheels of society.

What did I learn then? I mention all that to say this, as I drove up to my turn off and then past, deciding to maybe take this guy right to his house I thought,… this is giving, this is kindness above and beyond. To help someone out beyond my own convenience.  It suddenly meant something more profound to me when I spent a little more time, went a little bit farther down the road with a guy to really  help him get to where he needed to be instead of lifting him up for a time and then saying ‘my shift is done, someone else can help from here’.

It was inconvenient for me to drive well past home to do this, it cost me something, gas, wear and tear on the car, rubber off my snow tires,…

It cost me something…. And isn’t that what Jesus REALLY wants us to do? Especially in this season!

How much do I  appreciate it when someone helps me above and beyond what I’ve asked for, I absolutely love it and appreciate it, often I think of dads being like that, they come help us work on our house,  and do work well past any polite amount cause they love their kids and they give their vacation time sacrificially for us to help us out, so we have a better life, save money etc.

Thats what Jesus did for us. He went past convenience, he sacrificially gave His life for us.

Helping comfortably is great! God sees it, and everyone appreciates it, helping past the point of convenience though can really send a different message altogether about what Jesus really did for us and what we do for others because of that.

My intent isn’t to diminish work we did at the shelter at all, and its not like I couldn’t have done something else this morning, I guess the hope is that I continue to live beyond convenience for others everyday and at every opportunity.

Luke 6:31

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

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