So busy, and car problems

Oh where oh where have I been. The last week or so has been packed. We’ve been working on our dining room, mudding, sanding, painting. Sunday was Sunday with worship team morning and night, actually I got to do AV in the morning. I do enjoy doing that!  Then monday was work and choir practise (oh, and our transmission died in our car). Lindsey was stranded in Kensington, so I took my bike out to meet her and the tow truck. Thankfully we got a good recommendation for a tranny shop the week before. I called them up, they arranged the tow, and are doing all the work to find us a used tranny. I was actually very impressed by the guy on the phone. Knew what he was talking about, was almost apologizing for the cost of the tranny for our car (which is expensive, moreso then others cause its a CVT, a new type). They even got on the phone for us with Dodge to find out if there was any warranty left on the car? Whaa? If there is warranty, that would likely take the business away from them. Anyways, thought it was a classy move whether or not they would have lost business.

Now.. nothing has been fixed yet, I’ll reserve my full judgement but so far, they seem like a great company. ‘Cars Transmissions’ is the name of it.. I think. I haven’t even seen the location, just had the phone number from Pastor Phil, who himself had a vehicle repaired there, same issue, transmission replacement.
All said and done, the tranny should be under 2 grand, thats not too bad. Considering a new CVT is about $5000 apparently, and refurbished about $2500. So hoping it will last us the life of the car. It is indeed rare these days that a tranny goes on cars. Often they’ll just rust out before anything major like that goes. Also, the car is only 4 years old :S (170,000 kms on it.)
Heres hoping the new tranny can take all our offroading, trailer pulling loaded with pianos, organs, motorcycles and watercrafts. Stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll blog on it if they do a good job.

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